August 28, 2017

With September on our heels, and hopefully cooler temperatures in our future.. it is the perfect time to start thinking about preparing for fall with proper paver maintenance.

Mother Nature can be cruel. Luckily, by choosing Jr Pavers for your hardscape projects, you can take measures to increase resistance against weathering.

Jr Pavers offers a variety of top quality pavers from different select manufacturers, from Concrete, to Clay to Shelllstone because they require very little maintenance and hold up to stressful weather extremes. Thanks to a high-quality manufacturing processes that ensure color fastness and weather resistance.
Still, seasonal hardscape maintenance is encouraged to preserve the beauty and integrity of your paver installation.

Here are a few paver care tips:

General maintenance
• Some weeds, if left unaddressed, can shift pavers apart over time. Be sure to blow or sweep them off regularly, to keep weeds from taking sprout between your joints. You can even apply a granular weed preventative between joints as a part of your paver maintenance routine.
• You can purchase play sand from your local hardware store and top off your joints by just sweeping it over the cracks.
• Be careful when cleaning your pavers with power washers as they can expose the aggregate on the paver’s surface (Shellstone Pavers) and blow the sand out of your joints.

• Before applying any paver cleaning solution to your hardscape, test a small inconspicuous area first to be sure you get the desired results.
• In the event of an oil spill, act to remove it promptly with granular oil absorbent (clay cat litter works). Spills should be soaked up, not rubbed. Rubbing will drive the stain deeper into the concrete.

• Sealers should not be applied more than once in three years, or a maximum of two applications within three years. Too many applications will create a film on the surface which can make them look discolored.
• Sealer can be a good DIY project for those looking to save some money on paver maintenance (stick with water-based), however nothing beats the look of a professional acrylic sealer application. Jr Pavers can apply an outstanding Satin or Wet-look sealer to your pavers (minimal of 60 – 90 days after your new paver installation).

You can still enjoy your outdoor space even during upkeep – involve the whole family and make it a fun activity. The chores will get done faster and you can get back to relaxing on your beautiful, leaf-free paver patio, by Jr Pavers.

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